Staffing Services

10. Please provide an overview of staffing services?

In the world of competition, staffing services assists in vetting the deserving candidate to meet the technical as well as organizational goals.

11. What are the various fields that are covered in Software Solutions staffing services?
Our experts deal in the fields listed below:
12. What are the benefits of choosing us for IT staffing services?
We provide timely services to reduce load on HR departments of IT companies and overcome the challenges faced in IT staffing by thorough review to meet your requirements.

Software Development

13. What are the unique features of software development offered by Software Solutions?

Our vision is to create bespoke software in accordance to client demands. Key features include a combo of hi-tech technology and domain expertise.

14. What are the varied software types that Software Solutions involved in creating?

We possess team of specialists that deals in Microsoft technologies, management of big data, popular programs such as Java and integration API.

15. How does Software Solutions maintain quality of the developed software?

At Software Solutions, our software developers work technically by addressing SLA (specified Service Level Agreement) from the start. The features included are:

  • Knowledge retention of the team
  • Background level highly specified system maintenance
  • Software support offered particularly for general users

Web Development

4. How will website development help boast my business?

Your website traffic greatly increases by presentable contents and visuals. Our panel of specialists are always ready to provide the best and latest designs along with cost effectiveness.

5. When is the best time to change design of my current website?

If you already have a website, it is highly recommended to introduce new design features and contents in your website as it contributes in attracting customers who are always in search of something new. So, the best time is now as waiting too long can lead to a gradual decline in your web traffic.

6. What are the features of entertainment website offered by Software Solutions?

Software Solutions gives a best shot to provide unique 3D animations to enhance your entertainment sites with a blended touch of color scheme and visuals.


Mobile App Development

7. Please guide regarding the steps followed by Software Solutions to ensure reliable app development?

Our team at Software solutions addresses the client’s concerns to dig out the best results. Our specialist app developers analyze the client needs and provide reliable solution. After which special attention given to designing and testing procedure.

8. Do your designed applications work on web browsers?

Our expert developers use Java Script possessing “application-like” unique visuals even on web access.

9. Do you provide compatible mobile apps?

Our team members at Software Solutions give special consideration to mobile user interface (UI) design and bring out the best reliable apps for our clients.


Digital marketing and SEO

1. Please provide introduction to digital marketing?
Digital marketing as the name suggests is a way of extending your contacts via internet. It helps in advertisement, promotion and growth of businesses
by intellectual use of tools such as websites, videos, emails, images and social media platforms.
2. Reasons to promote business via digital marketing?
Digital marketing has revolutionized industry by the use of modern cellular networks and Wi-Fi. Promotion of startup
businesses has become simpler and easier. Access to clients has become secure and effortless.
3.How does SEO contribute in increasing Web traffic?

SEO targets unpaid audience mainly organic results. The game is all about keywords frequently typed while making searches at various search engines. Hence, SEO analysis will rapidly enhance visitor count and the website will eventually soar on top at result pages shown to potential buyers in search engines (SERP).


Customer service / Chat support

16. How to coordinate and share queries?

Our service representatives provide timely information to our valued customers and spend hours in order to satisfy and gain trust.

17. Can we approach Software Solutions via chat?

Sure, you can, we provide live sessions via chat regarding support services to assist in expansion of client’s scope in the ever-growing market place and escalate web visitors.

18. When are you available for live chat?

Our specialists are available 24/7 to address your questions via live chat. Feel free to gain information regarding services offered specifically by Software Solutions any time anywhere!